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Courtois recognized iodine to be a distinctive substance from its purple vapor, but its compound with hydrogen was at first confused with hydrogen chloride. Gay-Lussac was successful in the competitive entrance examination and was admitted on 27 December The change of temperature was, moreover, directly proportional to the change of pressure. The two young Frenchmen, no doubt under the influence of Berthollet, had reasoned that the action of great heat should change the usual affinities. Later in the year Gay-Lussac made a second, solo ascent to 23, feet. Gay-Lussac investigated the chemical properties of iodine and described his findings in a number of papers presented to the Institut de France.
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Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac Facts

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Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac

Other Achievements The French partners also carried out extensive investigations on the composition of hydrochloric acid. His family was a financially sound one and he received a comfortable upbringing. The family also lost much of its wealth. In addition to his well-known work on the combining properties of gases, Gay-Lussac also worked on the determination of vapor densities, and the coefficients of expansion of gases, in which he pioneered the procedures, and contributed to the careful quantitative measurements that in later years were so useful for grounding the kinetic theory of gases and thermal physics. He is most often recognized for the Pressure Law which established that the pressure of an enclosed gas is directly proportional to its temperature and which he was the first to formulate c.
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Experiments with balloons (1804)

To measure these values, they first needed a way of determining the amount of oxygen in a sample of air. In a note published in he described the physical properties of this acid, but he said nothing about its chemical compositior until , when he described cyanogen as a compound radicle, prussic acid as a compound of that radicle with hydrogen alone, and the prussiates cyanides as compounds of the radicle with metals. In the last years of life Gay-Lussac got a serious injury of a hand after explosion of glass vessel with gas hydrocarbon. Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac, one of the greatest French scientists, was born on the 6th of December in in a place under the name Saint-Leonard-de-Noblat, in the department of Haute-Vienna of the Limousin province.
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This was applicable to the newly isolated barium. As was customary, he continued to hold several teaching posts simultaneously; however, his major income during his later years was derived from a series of governmental and industrial consultancies. This was later to have significance for the law of conservation of energy. The name Gay-Lussac gave the element, iode , and its English derivative, iodine, was the one that came into general use. After an unsuccessful attempt to isolate the muriatic radical by the action of heated potassium on muriates chlorides of metals, they turned their attention to oxymuriatic acid chlorine , hoping to decompose it by removing its supposed oxygen. Gay-Lussac used litmus as an indicator and described accurately the color transition in different reactions. In , on the basis of this discovery and on observations of other gaseous reactions, Gay-Lussac announced the law of combining volumes, now known as "Gay-Lussac's law.
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